Demystifying candles for World Candle Day today!

TODAY is World Candle Day, so I thought I’d mark the occasion and the start of spring by lighting a scented candle.   However I really didn’t know where to turn with so many candles and methods of production, scents and styles out there.  We are lucky in the OCF that we have a number of wonderful member candle businesses to choose from – each with their own unique offering.

I had a chat with Pippa from The Spitalfields Candle Company about why candles, particularly hand poured ones, are so popular.

“Candles have found many ways to help us during lockdown because of their ability to offer comfort, calm and relieve stress.  They can transport us through different scents by taking us back to that favourite trip or holiday we miss, or bringing us back to memories of family and friends.” says Pippa.

So what is so special about the OCF members candles?

The best candles are lovingly hand poured, by artisans, meaning they are made in small batches, and the candlemaker can exercise maximum care and quality control to ensure consistency and excellence.   There is no compromise on quality as they are carefully crafted with natural quality ingredients. Many of the mass produced store bought candles are made using huge manufacturing machines with very little human supervision.

So what’s the difference to shop bought candles?

Most mass produced candles are also made using paraffin wax or mineral wax, a by product of petroleum and harmful chemicals like phthalates (used to extend the scent of fragrance oils) which release carcinogenic compounds into the air when burned, and can  also stain your walls and ceiling with black sooty residue.

There’s a lot of chit chat about soy wax. What does that mean?

Soy and vegetable waxes are safe and natural and most are vegan.  Soy wax has a lower melting point than many other waxes so the candles burn for longer, it is also biodegradable, renewable and clean burning.

So after clearing up a few bits with Pippa, I thought I’d invest in some of these candles – but what scent to choose? Lavender or rose geranium  apparently both soothe the senses – great for the testing days of working from home around teenage boys!  Or, now that they are nearly back at school, perhaps something uplifting like lemon verbena – or Pippa recommended I try neroli for a mood boost (did I sound that grumpy on our chat!!!)

All our “Candle Members” are offering 10% off with OCFSPRING until 21st March.

Great for Mother’s Day – AND some atmosphere for al fresco entertaining after 12th April!!!

The Spitalfields Candle Company has luxury scented candles that gently fill any room with a beautiful, clean fragrance and absolutely no nasties.

Helen from Eco Antique Teacup Candles worked in antiques in a past life and has cleverly merged her two passions.  Each of her candles is hand poured into an antique teacup, stretching back over 200 years.

House of Bluebelle owner Sarah is passionate about wick etiquette and getting the most from your candles.  Check out her helpful guides to maximise your candles – and with 14 different scents to choose from.

Scent & Seed is a clever concept.  Each candle is poured into an ethically-sourced ceramic plant pot. Once you’ve finished the candle you can either pour a new candle in, or plant a pot.  Either sounds like a great option to me!