How the Corona Virus is affecting one of my Kenyan suppliers by Fiona Cummings

How the Corona Virus is affecting one of my Kenyan suppliers:

The Jambo Collection works directly with our 3 workshops in Kenya and in the Kenyan people and, every time a customer like you buys one of our products, you also invest in the Kenyan people and its sustainable future.  COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the livelihoods worldwide and my main supplier closed his workshop on 20th March and sent all his staff home to use their paid vacation.

Unfortunately, he had to close 5 of his 6 shops from the 1st April and reduce the price of all his products by 50%.  This boosted sales and has now allowed him to re-open their factory with 50% staffing levels and also open 2 more shops.

Always entrepreneurial they are now involved with making and supplying facemasks and The Jambo Collection could be involved in this new initiative by the end of the week – so far, they have delivered 1000 masks to the African orphanages – partly because they are orphans and partly to keep staff busy and employed.

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