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One easy checkout across all OCF brands

Emma's Kitchen

Emma’s Kitchen is the home of decadent chocolate brownies which can be sent anywhere throughout the UK. I am a fully trained Leith’s qualified chef and baking has been a passion for many years finally culminating in setting up my website during the second lockdown enabling me to share my delicious treats with a wider audience!

I currently work alone, baking from my home in the rolling hills of Hampshire.


My brownies are all home-made by me, baked to order. If kept in a fridge they have a shelf life of around 2 weeks, and are excellent to freeze. In addition to my classic selection of flavours, I can also bake bespoke flavours and quantities, making my brownies perfect for all occasions.

I passionately believe in sourcing my ingredients locally wherever possible. My eggs are free range and freshly supplied by a local farm. My dark chocolate couverture is from Montezuma’s, a local Hampshire-based company.

All the brownies* can be made Gluten Free upon request. (*with the exception of Biscoff)

I offer a subscription service on my mixed boxes, enabling my customers to have a regular, steady supply of a range of flavours. (see website for further details)

I work ethically and sustainably wherever possible. My postal packaging can be recycled and the ribbon can be reused. Once the brownies have been devoured, my Aluminium brownie gift boxes make wonderful and stylish storage containers, either for food or other trinkets.

My brownies make brilliant puddings, after dinner bites and delicious accompaniments to coffee. They make the perfect presents for birthdays, moving house, to send congratulations or wish someone luck. They sustain those with new babies, bring smiles to a friend feeling a little low, and bring joy to loved ones who are away or missed.

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