Scent & Seed’s Journey to more Eco friend packaging – and it hasn’t been an easy ride!

Packaging has been one of the things that has concerned me the most. Self-isolating at home I’ve been relying on online deliveries and have been horrified at the amount of packaging that we’ve had to recycle, or in many cases throw away, because it is plastic based.

It wasn’t just the deliveries I was receiving, but with sending out lots of orders of my candles which are very delicate I have always relied on bubble wrap to protect the breakable pots.

The more orders I sent out the more worried I was about my impact on the planet so I started researching and testing new eco friendly packaging. It wasn’t always successful- 6 smashed orders in one week was pretty frustrating!

After weeks of trial and error I think I’ve finally nailed my packaging to be both eco friendly and look good.

So here goes:
♻️ The acid free tissue paper is recyclable
♻️ The cardboard bubble wrap is not only made from 100% recycled materials it is also 100% recyclable and biodegradable
♻️The information cards I send with every order are made from recycled paper
♻️The packing peanuts are starch based, made in the UK and biodegradable so they can go in your food recycling or on the compost heap (or great for arts and crafts too!)
♻️The cardboard boxes are FSC approved and 100% recyclable
♻️The tape I now use is made from paper and can be recycled
♻️The glassine bags I will be using for my wax melts (watch this space…..) are biodegradable

Whilst the cost is marginally higher for me as a business I’m willing to sacrifice my margin to help in whatever small way I can to reduce the impact my business has on the planet. I have made an environmental commitment for Scent & Seed to continue to strive to research and develop more eco friendly decisions and implement change where I can