Clare Brownlow Pheasant Feather Art

Clare Brownlow Pheasant Feather Art in studio

Clare Brownlow, Behind the Feathers

Clare has been drawing and painting since she was old enough to hold a pencil and brush. She was an Art Scholar at Uppingham and went on to study art at Edinburgh College of Art and Leith School of Art where she specialised in atmospheric oil paintings.

After the birth of her first son in 2009, in a quiet moment at her parent’s kitchen table in Norfolk, Pheasant Feather Art was born. She picked up a pheasant feather from her father’s stash, dipped it in his fountain pen inks and started ”doodling”.

Clare took this idea back to Scotland, where she, her husband Charlie, and their two small boys live. “I started painting chickens and friends’ dogs and people loved the result and suggested that I should do stationery and prints, so I did! I continued to listen to what my clients wanted, and where possible, put these ideas and my creations into production. I now offer placemats and coasters, aga covers, tea towels and mugs. I am continually exploring collaborations into other new and exciting products”.

Telephone: 07768 619777

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Selected Products

Game Bird Place Mats

Stunning set of 6 different game bird designs. Perfect for anyone that loves the countryside


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Pheasant Fight Club Limited Edition Print

Clare’s Iconic Fighting Pheasant Limited edition print of only 15.


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Flamingo Mega Mug

These whopping MEGA mugs are the best size! They hold a pint and are fine bone china made in the UK and dish washer proof


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Pheasant mini mug

These are brilliant for your shot of coffee as well as for that cheeky pudding! Fantastic for chocolate moose! (personally I like the Mega Mug size for this!)


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Post Cards - A Variety of Designs

Ten post cards all tied up with satin ribbon. Perfect little gifts as well as perfect for those thank you letters! (Father Christmas is my best client-stockings are full of these as something for everyone!)


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Pol Roger Limited edition Print

Any excuse for Champagne! A great limited edition print for anyone who loves the bubbles. This can also be hand finished as well as personalised.


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Flamingo Oven Gloves

Brighten up any kitchen with these oven gloves. Team up with the Flamingo Tea Towel as well!


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Bumble Bee limited edition print

The most popular design. This is a great gift for yourself or others! A4 limited edition run of only 50. This can also be hand finished


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Langoustine Original

Original Langoustine is full of colour and touches of Neon pink which really makes it pop. A real statement piece


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Garden Bird placemats

Garden Bird Placemats are slightly smaller in diameter than the other ranges. 8 different garden birds


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