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Simnel cake with tulips around

Plum Duff & Stuff is a small family run business. I originally started the business when I lived in Tasmania, Australia,  Mum  sent me the family Marmalade recipe, which I make the same way as it was in 1849 even down to the knife that has been used to hand cut the Marmalade.   We have won awards over the years for our Seville orange Marmalade. 

 I have added the Simnel Cake to our larder, it is seasonal, like our Christmas puddings, it is also very traditional.  It was first made for Mothers Day, the one day of the year that the staff could go home to their Mothers, they were allowed to use up some luxury ingredients, as it was during Lent, to make this cake.  It is now used as an Easter Cake, the 11 marzipan balls symbolising the Apostles, leaving out Judas. 

 We also have two lovely homemade chutneys, East meets West Chutney and Harley House Chutney (which is gluten free).  

We are very serious about using ethically sourced ingredients and being as environmentally aware as possible.  All  our package is recyclable and Eco friendly.

 My parents have been with me every step of the way and we sell Dad’s bees beautiful pure Raw Honey, they pollinate the trees that then produce the fruit that Mum uses for making her Fruit Cheeses, Jams and Jellies. 

“We are proud to have RSPO certification – this means that our vegetable suet comes from existing croplands and no rainforests or natural habitats have been destroyed.”

Telephone: 07753 680668

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Selected Products

Simnel Cake (4lb & 2lb)

A deliciously moist Fruit cake dotted with marzipan throughout and with a layer of Marzipan on top. This cake has been baked for 5 hours at a low temperature.

£33.50 & £18.00

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Seville Marmalade

This Award winning Marmalade from an 1849 Family recipe. A deeply fruity, tangy and bold marmalade. We have kept true to the 1849 recipe from our familys’ recipe book, to think this is the flavour they would have tasted all those years ago.


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Jams & Jellies

These beautiful preserves are all made from our familys’ organic fruit trees and hedgerows.


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Somerset Pure Honey

Our bees pollinate our organic garden. We produce absolutely delicious runny and creamed honey.

£2.50 for 113g £7.00 for 454g

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Traditional Christmas Pudding

This Award winning Traditional Christmas Pudding, using the finest ethically sourced ingredients. Plentiful fruit bursting from this delightfully juicy pudding. We make 6 different sizes.

From £8.50

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Fruit Cheeses

A delicious accompaniment to a cheese board or with hot or cold meats or fish, with pies and to flavour gravies, curries or tagines. They are also wonderful to glaze your Ham.


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East meets West & Harley House Chutneys

These are beautifully fruity and spicy chutneys that come from two different familys’ recipes that have been generously given to us. East meets West is a dark and delicious chutney. Harley House is an amazing no-cook or raw gluten free chutney.


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Gluten Free Christmas Pudding

This Award winning Gluten Free Christmas Pudding, we use a dry Somerset cider in this pudding and the finest ethically sourced ingredients. We make 6 different sizes.

From £8.50

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Mature Traditional Christmas Pudding

This Award winning Mature Traditional Christmas Pudding has been carefully matured for one year, this pud has a beautiful mellow flavour.

From £8.50

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Vegan Christmas Pudding

This Award winning Vegan Christmas Pudding is made with ethically sourced ingredients, using our own squeezed orange juice replacing the free range eggs we use for our other puds. We make a Vegan Gluten free Christmas pudding too.

From £8.50

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A Kit Christmas Pudding suitable for Diabetics

This kit is suitable for wheat eaters and we make a gluten free alternative too. It comes in a ceramic Mason Cash bowl with all the dry ingredients in separate bags so you may add the amount of dried fruit that suits your taste and sugar levels, this product would also suit vegans as you could leave out the eggs.


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