Senss Serenity was born in a lightbulb moment as Caroline and Sarah shared their family experiences of loved ones suffering with cancer and dementia. While our stories were different, the need to bring comfort to loved ones was identical. We both discovered that giving our loved ones a hand and arm massage gave them enormous comfort, and was something that we also got great pleasure in giving. We thought that many others in similar situations might benefit from this shared experience, and so our Massage Serum was born.

 The unique blend of Senss Serenity Massage Serum has been designed to boost wellbeing and has been created with older loved ones in mind. The light, smooth texture of the non-greasy serum has been cleverly formulated to glide easily over delicate, fragile skin, whilst simultaneously being easily absorbed for nourishing and hydrating treatment.

 Each essential oil in the unique Serenity blend has been carefully selected for their specific wellbeing benefits.  Benefits that help promote clarity, relieve stress, and uplift the mood.  The clever formulation, delicately designed aroma and the physical benefits of massage combine perfectly for an experience that is both calming and restorative.

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Senss Serenity

Senss Serenity Hand and Arm Massage Serum is the first massage serum uniquely crafted to help you create precious moments of connection with older or frail loved ones. Connection through touch is vital to our wellbeing and Senss Serenity has been designed to boost wellbeing by using a blend of essential oils that promote clarity, relieve stress, and uplift the mood


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