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The Snoooze pillow was created after I couldn’t find a pillow which was compactable, felt like down and would be easy to travel with. The Snoooze pillow offers a hygienic and comfortable solution to ensure a safe and sound night’s sleep when you’re away from home. Suitable for all ages, the Snoooze is ideal for stays at hotels and rented accommodation, kids’ sleepovers, camping and backpacking trips, as well as train, plane or car journeys. Compressible and machine washable

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Selected Products

Snoooze compactable Pillow

Luxurious soft comfortable pillow with unique zip feature for different firmness. Generous size when unfolded; compact for travelling


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Mini Snoooze compactable pillow

Soft Mini pillow for great sleep anywhere. Incl. pillowcase and travel bag


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Silk pillowcase for Snoooze Pillow

Beautiful soft silk pillowcase for extra added luxury feel and beauty benefits


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Silk pillowcase for Mini Snoooze Pillow

Added luxury feel for your Mini Snoooze– offers perfect sleep anywhere.


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Natural scented Snoooze candle

Beautiful 100% natural, relaxing scent. 30cl


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Natural scented Snoooze reed diffuser

100% natural reed diffuser with a calming scent for any room.


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Natural scented Snoooze travel candle

Travel candle with calming, 100% natural scent to make you relax, wherever you are.


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