Speed Track

Speed Track is the toy car race track for all the toy car loving children out there. It is so super simple to set up, uses any small cars around the house, no expensive batteries or extras needed and when needed to pack away, it all rolls back away into the bag it comes with – SIMPLE!!

Speed Track is a family business and we developed Speed Track out of our hatred of Hot Wheels tracks and we had been using drain pipes and scaffolding planks for our 3 kids to race their cars along. Speed Track is made just 5 miles down the road from our house in Chichester and we are proud to be a UK Independent Small Business.

Speed Track comes in 3 different lengths – 4m, 5m and 6m – so suitable for all sized playrooms and bedrooms. It can be played with indoors and outdoors and the handy bag makes it a perfect toy to take on playdates or even on holidays and camping trips!!

You can also add 2 cars which will make the most fabulous present which can be unwrapped and played with instantly.

Telephone: 07779 728986

Visit the Speed Track website.


Selected Products
Speed Track 4m

Speed Track 4m

Our shortest Speed Track but no means short of fun. You can still make loops and jumps - just slightly shorter for those tight on…

From £27

Speed Track 5m

Speed Track 5m

Our middle length Speed Track gives a bit more room for speed and jumps. Great fun to take to the beach or on your camping…

From £32

Speed Track 6m

Speed Track 6m

Our biggest member of the Speed Track family - 6 awesome metres of track for cars to race, jump, loop and more. Provides the most…

From £37