Woven Animal Head

Three Grey

Back in the summer, which sadly seems a while ago now, I was lucky enough to go to Mallorca to help a friend furnish her home for rental. We found some amazing esparto animal heads, hand woven, using natural plant fibres – all different and a super fun way to cover a wall, cheaply but also to add a heap of depth and texture to a room. I found these, from Morocco, equally as gorgeous and equally as friendly. Some babies have arrived too. Small animals to sit on the wall with their parent.

Donkey – Medium – H 47cms x W 23cms – Small – H30cms x 10cms

Gazelle – H 50cms x W 20cms

Buffalo – H 40cms x W 40cms – Small – H26cms x W30cms

Stag – Medium – H 45cms x W20cms – Small – H33cms x W20cms

Goat – Medium – H 50cm x W 20cms – Small – H 32cms x W20cms

all sizes are approximate as all individually made

from £34.00