What a day!

So, today has been day one of the OSF new puppy at home. In hindsight probably not the best idea but we’ve fumbled through.  It’s also my birthday 🙂 – I do love my birth date.  1st June – usually good weather, often at school it was half term, friends rarely away on holidays yet….

I think I speak for all the members of OSF when I say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the customers and contacts who have shared news of our project far and wide today.  Sales have been encouraging – but what’s been even better is the enthusiasm that has been shown for our project.   We are all passionate about fighting for independents to succeed – if we’re not careful in another 10 years or so Amazon may be the only choice left to British shoppers …..  (well, maybe not quite – but possibly not far off the truth).

So thank you – the fair is on for the whole month of June so take your time to browse our wonderful brands – and even have a little look at the Facebook Shopfront we’ve set up – https://www.facebook.com/onlinesummerfair/shop/

Have a great evening.

I’m off for a glass of birthday fizz – from OSF member Addison Wines of course!