World Environment Day

Our members are passionate about sustainability and protecting the environment. Read more about their environmental practices here as part of World Environment Day


Purity * Protects

Pure Essential Oils  –  Organic Aloe Vera.  A superior hand sanitiser for those who care. The plant based alcohol is proven to kill 99.9% of all bacteria and microbes; the high concentration of organic aloe vera and blend of essential oils will give your hands all their known natural goodness.
Puritx is manufactured to the highest standards in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside using the finest ingredients available.  They take the upmost care to source all the components responsibly and manufacture in a safe environment.
Carbon neutral workforce – Offset Earth – 620 trees planted already

Edward Bulmer Natural Paints

‘Treat the earth well it was not given to you by your parents but loaned to you by your children’

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint believe in colour with a conscience and declaring all of their ingredients. Their founder and leading interior designer, Edward Bulmer, is a modern day eco-worrier and believes we all should have a choice, transparency is key and companies need to declare, honestly, their ingredients. The paint itself uses only naturally occurring raw materials of plant origin like linseed oil, and other natural elements such as chalk, earth and mineral pigments. Avoiding the use of dangerous solvents, pesticides, herbicides and toxins, they produce paint from plants.

Edward takes pride in their honest and conscious approach.  “Sustainability is simply good management,” he says, “The resources we use to make the paints are mainly derived from rocks or annual crops. Any unused waste paint can be composted too. This helps us, as consumers, to have a circular mindset when decorating rather than adding to the rising landfill levels with the issues which currently surround the disposal of paint.

Edward and the business are committed to reducing their impact on the planet, “The factory we use generates solar energy as well as buying in renewable energy and all the waste water is clean enough to go back into the local sanitation process.” continues Bulmer, “We do the same in the colouring and marketing facility. Our packaging is a mixture of recyclable buckets for transporting and recycled aluminium tins, cardboard and pulp formers for presentation to the customer.”

So, the best part is there is no compromise, the paints are unrivalled; a soft and chalky finish can be beautifully achieved with only two coats and they are as robust to modern living as their plastic counterparts.


House of Bluebelle

The simplest ideas are often the best!  House of Bluebelle package their products in plain and unbranded boxes and add accents of colour with ribbons and tags.

“Our boxes are made in the United Kingdom and our paper comes from a British Paper Mill. Our Candles have always carried (recycled) folded tissue paper under the Candles. This gives our customers a box with ribbon and tissue paper that they can re-use for another gift and the boxes will smell amazing from all of the fragrance too!” 

Our boxes are overlaid with a cellulose acetate which is biodegradable. Generally it is completely destroyed in soil in less than one year. We only overlay them to protect our white boxes from dirt damage.” Sarah, HoB Founder.

On top that that, they use only the highest quality of aromatic and essential oils and only use sustainable ingredients to develop their range.


LittleLeaf Organic

LittleLeaf Organic is all about beautiful luxury cotton products which do as little harm to the environment as possible. Everything is 100% certified organic.

“Our certification (by GOTS and the Soil Association) is the important part, because it means that we and everyone in the production chain – right back to the farm where our cotton is grown – are regularly inspected to make sure that the highest standards have been applied.”  Lisa, LittleLeaf Organic

These standards are not just organic, ensuring that no pesticides or other toxic chemicals are used in the growing or manufacturing, but also ethical and social standards. So everyone gets paid fairly and enjoys good working conditions – and this is guaranteed through their independent certification.

But, as Lisa quite rightly says, apart from all this certified organic cotton is simply better quality. It’s a sustainable swap with no compromise involved, as it represents a step UP in terms of luxury and quality. Plus, organic cotton uses 91% less water, and LittleLeaf organic cotton is made in a wholly solar-powered factory.


Different Dog

Different Dog are not only passionate about dogs, but the environment too, which is why looking after the planet is part of every decision they make.

“From our eco-friendly compostable pots (plastic free), to sourcing our fresh ingredients as locally and sustainably as possible, including fruit and veg which isn’t pretty enough to go on supermarket shelves but perfectly good to eat. ” Alex Thurstan, Different Dog


Celtic Marches Cider

“We’re extremely proud to be one of the UK’s largest self-sustaining cider makers and we work hard to achieve and maintain this. We grow, pick and press on the family farm. Waste pomace from production is put in anaerobic digesters to create ‘clean energy’. Our packaging happens at our sister company, Marches Bottling and Packaging in Bromyard so our whole process from pip to pint happens within 5 miles of our Herefordshire farm and our waste is not wasted.” Collette Cumbes, Celtic Marches Cider


Team Beachwear

At Team Beachwear everything is manufactured in small quantities in Great Britain.  This both reduces the mileage and prevents them having too much stock that may otherwise go to waste.

“All of our swimwear is also made from sustainable fabrics, the swim shorts from a fabric spun from recycled plastic bottles and the stretchy stuff is made from fabrics woven out of nylons reclaimed from the oceans, fishing nets being the main component of this.”


Talolo Boots

Talolo Boots are made from high quality 100% biodegradable rubber and lined with natural cotton.


Addison Wines

Sustainsability, Biodynamics, Vegan and Organic – key terms for any winemaker and merchant in 2020 and beyond….

Being a small family wine merchant, Addison Wines often deals with smaller family producers. Without the need to produce thousands upon thousands of cases of wine to match supermarket supply demands, these smaller boutique wineries can concentrate on the actual juice, employing biodynamic, sustainable and organic practices.

“We have seen demand for organic and biodynamic wine increase year on year for the past 7 or 7 years” says Jon Horton, MD at Addison Wines.  “Key ranges in our portfolio are Painted Wolf wines from South Africa, the Wildsong pairing from New Zealand and Fedele Organic wines from Sicily.  Also, a large proportion of our Italian selection are Vegan friendly too.”



Our products and all the component parts are ethically sourced and disposed of responsibly, our flipflops are even vegan!At the heart of the company’s ethos is a fair days work for a fair days pay and a social conscience is at the heart of every decision made. Produced by a small team of artisan designers, all Freakflops are finished by hand and with pride.

Costa Rica is a country at the forefront of becoming carbon neutral leading the way in so many areas of sustainability.   Should have also mentioned that all our packaging is made from 100 pc recyclable materials!👍😀!!


Catapult Clothing

“We are a sustainable brand. All our t shirts are 100 organic and use recycled cotton. Our packaging is nearly 💯 recycled. We see sustainability as fundamental to our brand, taking care of our planet for future generations. It is interwoven with our brand beliefs but most importantly in a way doesn’t increase the retail price or compromise on quality. ”


Yunion T

Melanie Morton at Yunion T is very proud of their ethical credentials, something very important to her.  “Both our fabric and our t-shirts are all manufactured in the UK, and they are made to last.  As a business we are all about buy better quality, and items that have longevity in your wardrobe.  All our packaging is either recycled or degradable.”


Faro Home

“At Faro Home, we think natural is best and we can only get/be the best if we protect nature.  Our packaging is made with recycled paper and we keep it to a minimum.  We use recycled paper swing tags and hemp strings and acid free tissue paper.”


Scent & Seed

The whole ethos behind my brand stemmed from a frustration that as a scented candle fan I was recycling a lot of glass. I’d used the leftover glass votives for everything I could think of and still I was putting a lot of them in the recycling bin. After seeing candles poured in to different vessels at a large store near me (a chain but I won’t name names 🤫) my business partner at the time, Charlie and I decided we’d combine our love of 2 things- candles and plants! We found an incredible plant pot supplier that not only makes the most stunning plant pots but is also committed to making sure all of the factories they use are compliant and ethical in the way they treat their staff (a sad fact that this needs to be stated as should be a given but in manufacture it really isn’t!).

After finding our pot supplier we wanted vegan wax and scent and found a great UK supplier that ticked all the boxes once again. They are constantly innovating finding more eco friendly waxes and as better alternatives become available I am committed to always testing and finding a more environmentally friendly alternative to the whatever current wax  I am using.

Packaging has always been bug bear for me as it can be so wasteful. Whilst initially I was having to use a lot of bubble wrap to protect the candles, I became frustrated as knew there had to be better alternatives. There have been a few bumps in the road (smashed candles being the biggest) I am hopeful that my current packaging meets all the criteria I was looking for.

The cardboard boxes I use are FSC approved and fully recyclable, the tape is paper and fully recyclable as it isn’t reinforced so can go in your regular recycling bin. Brown paper bubble wrap has replaced plastic and is recycled, recyclable and biodegradable. Finally the packing peanuts I now use are made from potato starch so can go in your food recycling bin or compost heap. They also make a great arts and crafts activity for kids, simply dampen the end and stick together!


Julu Home

Julu are proud of their Laundry Ladder it is the eco-friendly way to dry your clothes reducing the use of tumble dryers.  Sustainability can start in the kitchen with our range of Beewax reusable food wraps and smart tin ware for storage.  Having sourced some great environmentally friendly products Julu choose to use  cardboard for our most of our packaging reducing the use of single use plastics.


Chemo Headwear

Use tissue paper and string for their packaging in an effort to reduce plastic and waste.


Spitalfields Candles

Spitalfields are eco-firemdly.  Not only is it 100% natural –  wax from a sustainable source and essential oils (not synthetic fragrance oils) all the packaging and glass is recyclable.