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Ceramic Flowers

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Ceramic flowers have been a firm favourite at Three Grey. You can’t kill them, they can hung on walls or used decoratively, adds a pop of colour and tons of texture. Each year I bring some new ones for those who collect. They are unique and no two the same.

Peonies in orange or green, small and so pretty, and happens to be one of my favourite flowers, sea lettuces or Mumms… greens, blues, purples, pinks and oranges … how would you mix yours?

Hang them on the wall or just have on a table or in a bathroom as decoration. Please note three flowers, small blue flower, small blue cactus and olive cactus, can’t be attached to the wall

Small peony - diameter 7.6cms x H 4cms approx - orange or green

Blue Flower- diameter 7.cms x H 2.5cms approx - not for walls

Small Blue Cactus - diameter 9cms x H4cms approx -not for walls

Small Olive Cactus - diameter 7cms x H3cms approx - not for walls

Lime Green Mumm - diameter 9.5cms x H5cms approx

Dusky Pink Rose - diameter 10cms x H5.5cms approx

Pale Pink Rose - diameter 11cms x H5cms approx

Purple Sea Lettuce - diameter 13 cms x H6cms approx

Pale Blue Cactus - diameter 9cms x H4cms approx