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One easy checkout across all OCF brands
One easy checkout across all OCF brands

Pajama Pantry

Perfect ‘Bed-to-Street Wear’ our Fairtrade Pj Lounge pants are made to be seen in!

Lovely for lounging, but stylish enough to pop out for a loaf of bread in. They look as good on men as they do on women. Plus…pockets!

Only 10 pairs in each fabric, so they’re very limited edition!

We are a NO WASTE, SLOW FASHION brand. The natural cotton fabric is hand printed using mostly vegetable dyes in Jaipur, then turned into pjs to our design at a Fairtrade Women’s Collective in Bangalore. They send all the scraps over with each order, and a second team here in East Lothian makes everything we can think of from the left overs.

Nothing goes to waste; we use every scrap to make masses of unique gifts and accessories. There’s something for everyone, from the fussiest aunt to the most impossible uncle and the trickiest teens.

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