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One easy checkout across all OCF brands
One easy checkout across all OCF brands

Plum Duff & Stuff

Plum Duff & Stuff is a small family run business. I originally started the business when I lived in Tasmania, Australia, Mum sent me the family Marmalade recipe, which I make the same way as it was in 1849 even down to the knife that has been used to hand cut the Marmalade. We have won awards over the years for our Seville orange Marmalade.

We also have two lovely homemade chutneys, East meets West Chutney and Harley House Chutney (which is gluten free).

We are very serious about using ethically sourced ingredients and being as environmentally aware as possible. All our package is recyclable and Eco friendly.

“We are proud to have RSPO certification – this means that our vegetable suet comes from existing croplands and no rainforests or natural habitats have been destroyed.”

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