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One easy checkout across all OCF brands
One easy checkout across all OCF brands

Team Beachwear

“I set up Team Beachwear off the back off not being able to find decent beachwear for me to match my boys or for my daughter to match my husband and her brothers, it just spiralled from there really. No fashion industry or running my own business experience, I just dived straight in, ignorance was definitely bliss at the start!!

I always wanted it to be a brand that is as sustainable and ethical as possible, part of this is getting everything manufactured in Great Britain in small quantities. All of our swimwear is also made form sustainable recycled fabrics, it takes approximately 5 reclaimed plastic bottles to make enough fabric for one pair of mens swim shorts! I also come up with all of the print ideas, so our fabric designs are unique to us.”

Claire Laing, Founder

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