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One easy checkout across all OCF brands

The Country Childs Company

Hi I have been working on The Country Childs Company since, inspired by my mother’s ink drawings on vellum, I drew my own pictures when I could not find quality drawings on a lampshade for my son.

I love using the silk screen to print my old fashioned traditional children’s drawings of animals meeting, dancing, nursery rhymes etc.. with ethically sourced materials where I make them come to life on lampshades and hand colour them so each one is a bit different and a bit special, picking out parts of the drawings so the line drawing come alive, but you are drawn into engage with the back story of the characters.

The lampstands are painted with Annie Sloane colours.

Each shade has a label with the beginning of a story to inspire storytelling from the drawings.

They are the best long lasting present possible both when you lie in bed when you are small, and when you grow up!

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