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One easy checkout across all OCF brands
One easy checkout across all OCF brands

The Real Ruler Height Chart Company

All our Rulers are cut from top quality, sustainable, Redwood Pine. The ‘Original’ Ruler is stained with a ‘Mid Oak’ wood stain and the lines and numbers screen printed on by hand. Unlike a lot of wooden Ruler Height Charts, ours is chamfered so it really does look like an old school Ruler, and like your old ruler at school, the measurements include feet and inches on one side and centimetres on the other. Ours also start from the ground making it a whole Ruler and not ‘a part of’!

Because all the work is done by hand no two rulers will ever be the same, and because wood has natural imperfections this can only add character to your height chart. Every Ruler is given the same treatment, but as the grain in each piece of wood is different, so the colour of each Ruler may vary. It’ll be a unique, historical record & heirloom for your family, for many years to come.

Our Rulers are also available in 6 Farrow & Ball paint colours. If you’d like your own paint colour to match your room please contact us for individual pricing. Your Ruler can also be personalised with a family name or quote for an extra £15 for 20 characters. Maybe personalise it with your company logo and keep it in the reception area to give your visitors something to talk about!

Our Rulers make the Perfect gift for Christmas for the whole family! Standing at 6’6″ tall they’re not just for the kids. Put your Ruler in a communal area of the house or office and you’ll find all your friends will want to measure themselves! Not only for Christmas but a great new baby gift, a housewarming present, birthday, or just because You Love It!

Dimensions: H198cm W17cm D2cm

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