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One easy checkout across all OCF brands

Dish Covers Herb Design - Large and Small Set

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Large and small set of Cotton Dishcovers in at herb design- 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton. Machine Washable

Large Set of 3 dish covers – Contains: 1 medium, 1 large and 1 extra-large cover.

Cotton dish covers - 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton. Machine Washable. Fair Trade

Use to cover leftovers, drinks, salads, baked desserts and casseroles in dishes or pots on the table, in the fridge or when transporting to a gathering or for outdoor dining.

Medium cover fits up to 23 cm/9 inches (fits maximum diameter)
Large cover fits up to 30 cm/12 inches (fits maximum diameter)
Extra-large cover fits up to 34 cm/13 inches (fits maximum diameter)
Breathable, no sweating of leafy greens and condensation
Food cools quickly in the fridge due to evaporation.
Simple to use fits various shapes and sizes
Plastic-free, non-disposable, long-lasting
Microwave safe
Not ovenproof
100% GOTS Certified organic cotton.

Care instructions: Machine wash, air or tumble dry as required.

All Sizes Available:

Jug Cover: 13cm
XS: 16cm
Sml: 18cm
Med: 26cm
Lg: 30cm
XL: 34cm
XXL: 39 - 46cm
Rectangle: 32 x 22.5
Square: 28cm
Small set: Jug/XS/Sm
Large set: Md/Lg/XL
Halo Dish Covers are the perfect eco-friendly replacement for plastic wrap and foils for leftovers inyour fridge, transporting a dish or dining outdoors.