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Waboba Air Games

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Let the good times soar!

Keep Life Fun with 3 best-selling Waboba toys in one bundled box. Play all day with the Wingman, Airlyft, and Moon Ball. 

3 Ways to Play | Set includes 1 of each:

  • Glide with AIRLYFT
  • Bounce to the Moon
  • Fly with Wingman

WINGMAN flies over 40 meters! The Waboba Wingman is a flexible, silicone disc aerodynamically designed to fly straight and far. It’s foldable, pocketable, and easily catchable.

The MOON BALL bounces out of this world! The hyper bouncing, gravity-defying Moon Ball features unique craters that make a “pop” sound when it hits the pavement.

AIRLYFT glides over 30 meters! The AIRLYFT is a revolutionary, hollow glider engineered for maximum lift. Prepare for takeoff! Launch it by its tail, or throw it by the ring. The sky’s the limit!